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Candle Light made from an orange peel ????

Orange Light

Creating a candle light using orange peel and oil??

Here is how to do it!

Fun thing to do and creating something from waste

is even better. 


Cut an orange in half and remove the fruit leaving

the white middle stem undamaged as it will be the candle’s wick. Take an oil of your choice and poor it

inside the peel massaging it on the sides and wick.
Burn wick until stops to sizzle and your candle its ready. 

Dry shampoo.

It took me some time to figured out what different flours do to my hair and I have tried different combinations. The corn flour gives volume where rice flour leave my hair more flat. Its a great way to refresh hair between washes, like a dry shampoo does, but without chemicals. 


Apply small amount to the dry scalp, leave it for 2 min and brushed off. For dark hair, I have added a cacao.


Try and let me know. 


TIP: Section hair for easier application and apply only to the roots.For a nicer smell few drops of essential oil can be added. 


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D.I.Y toothpaste.

I have been experimenting with toothpastes for some time. It took me some time to get use to brushing my teeth without whole experience of
foam from traditional toothpastes.


My favourite mix is: coconut oil, peppermint essential oil and charcoal with optional bentonite clay. This mixture has whitening properties and well anti-bacterial that is keeping your teeth in the top form.

1 Comment

  • Anna

    I am using charcoal tooth paste that I buy from store. I will try to do mine. Thank you for idea 🙂

    October 10, 2017 at 7:29 pm